The Walker WP6500TTR Saorview+ PVR – Now in Stock


The Walker WP6500TTR Saorview+ PVR Receiver has now hit the shelves.  After months of waiting for this box to achive it’s Saorview certification and then to arrive in Ireland, it’s finally here.  We have had it for a few days now and have been playing with all the features.

The Walker WP6500TTR is the first box in ireland to achive Saorview+ certification.  What this means is that it is a fully compliant Saorview PVR or Saorview Recorder as it may also be known.

Some of the new features that come with Saorview+ certification is a built in hard drive for recording, pausing and rewinding live TV.  Of course there is the usual 7 day Saorview EPG and because this is a Saorview+ PVR, the EPG can now be utilised to is maxium when recording.

Series link will work with this box also.  Series link is due to be turned on fully in Feb 2013 and this will again add to an already impressive array of features on this Saorview+ PVR.

Another point to note is that for the hard of hearing and deaf community here in Ireland, it automatically records subtitles where available.  The subtitles are viewable during playback by simpy pressing the subtitle button on the remote.

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