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Saorview UHF TV Aerial Kit

Saorview UHF TV Aerial Kit

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Overview of Outdoor UHF TV Aerial Kit

This kit contains everything you need to mount a UHF Aerial outside on a wall or chimney, to receive the Irish Saorview Channels from a terrestrial transmitter.

Kit Contains - Depending on Option Selected

  • UHF Contract Aerial (Wideband - White Tipped)
  • Aerial Installation Kit of Cable & Connectors

Wall Mounting option (Default)

  • TV Aerial Wall Bracket * qty: 1
  • Coach Bolt & Plugs (qty: 4)

Chimney Mounting option

  • 9 inch Chimney Bracket & Lashing kit
  • Galvanised Mast (180cm x 32mm)

It is important to remember that where you live in Ireland will determine:

  • The type of TV aerial you will need
  • The direction that you will point it
  • The frequency at which the channels are being broadcast

USES of Outdoor UHF TV Aerial Kit

  • This kit will work for
    • All UHF only Analogue Transmitters
    • All Digital Terrestrial Transmitters (Saorview)
  • Channels include:
    • RTE 1, RTE2 HD, TV3, TG4, RTE News, 3e, RTE 1 +1, Rtejr

ADVANTAGES of Outdoor UHF TV Aerial Kit

  • TV aerials mounted outside on a chimney give the best results
  • Kit contains all the necessary components
  • Wideband design means it will work on ALL Irish UHF Transmitters
  • Takes up 30cm of pole space compared to 80cm for a Grid TV Aerial, an issue when space is tight on your Aerial Mast

DISADVANTAGES of Outdoor UHF TV Aerial Kit

  • It does not have the same gain as a UHF Grid Aerial
  • It does not have the same gain as a Colour Grouped UHF aerial
    • Order this product & add a shipping note e.g. 'Yellow Tip Group B Aerial' if your local transmitter broadcasts on a single band
  • Mounting a TV aerial on a chimney can be both technically difficult and dangerous if you do not use the correct safety equipment

See map below for main Saorview transmitters in Ireland. Alternatively, click on link to view all main Saorview transmitters and regional sub stations [Click Here to View Map]


RTE Digital

The above map shows the main Saorview coverage & transmitters, the colour code of the best UHF aerial to use and their catchment area

Saorview Frequencies

The table above shows the channel range & polarity of each of the transmitters in Ireland. The final column shows the UHF group colour code for the most appropriate aerial for the transmitter. Of course it is possible to use a wide band UHF aerial (either the standard white tipped, higher gain, high gain grid or 32 element) which will  work on all transmitters

UHF Aerial Groups

The table above shows the range of UHF TV Aerials available, their frequency range and the colour code associated with each aerial.

What TV Channels Can I Receive?

  • Currently, it is possible to receive 10 Irish TV channels

Irish Digital TV Channels

What Radio Stations Can I Receive?

  • Currently, it is also possible to receive some Irish digital radio stations

Irish Digital Radio Stations

Additional Info

  • Receivers with a DVB-T tuner, can receive the above Saorview channels
  • Receivers that have a DVB-T2 tuner, can not only pick up the Saorview channels but also if along the border with Northern Ireland, can also pick up UK Freeview HD channels*

*Location dependent

A. How the UHF TV Aerial Kit works

The kit is essentially made up of 3 Parts

  1. a UHF Wideband Aerial - which picks up the signal coming from a Terrestrial TV transmitter
  2. A Chimney Bracket & Pole - which allows an TV aerial to be mounted on the chimney
  3. An Installation Kit - which consists of 20m of satellite cable, TV connectors, cable clips etc to run the cable from the aerial to the TV or set top box

B. Is there help online to guide me ?


  • Each of the sub-components that make up the TV Aerial Kit come with Video Tutorials and instructions on how to they should be installed.
  • The various sub-components of the kit are listed as Associated Products, in the column to the right of the Product.

C. But I Already have a ......

Often customers considering buying this system will already have some of the equipment in place so a few guidelines would be if you alrady have:

  1. A Chimney bracket & pole
    • Make sure that the Pole and chimney bracket are not too corroded and are capable of supporting the weight of the TV Aerial.
    • If it passes this test you can drop the Chimney Bracket &/or pole from the list
  2. A cable running to an old Aerial
    • normally this is a No-No, as old satellite cable often contains water and this will cause serious signal loss - so if it doubt leave it out

D. Can I mount the Aerial In the attic ?

Yes it is possible to mount the Aerial in the attic.

  • Advantages
    • Normally cheaper as you don"t need a pole or chimney bracket
    • Its a lot safer than going up on the roof
  • Disadvantage
    • You loose about 40% of the signal strength by mounting the aerial indoors.

Equipment implications of mounting TV aerial in attic

  • Won"t Need
    • Chimney Bracket and Lashing kit
    • Galvanised mast
  • May Need
    • Proception 2 Way TV Amplifier  (to boost the signal)


  • You could mount the TV Aerial outside on Gable end of your house using either:
    • Universal Wall Mount (18" Stand Off)   or
    • Tv Aerial Wall Bracket

E. I want to run the TV Aerial to more than 1 room

  • In a good reception area simply Add in a passive 2, 3 or 4 way splitter along with a number of f connectors.
  • In a poor reception area or if there is more than 4 TVs use a TV distribution Amplifier - they come in 2,4, 6 & 8 way versions

F. Can I boost the signal ?

 If you live a poor reception area you can boost the signal by either

  • Using a Power Unit & a UHF Masthead Amplifier
  • Using a 2,4,6 or 8 Distribution Amplifer

G. Will I need a different UHF Aerial for Digital than I do for Analogue

  • Possibly but maybe not.   The general rule is that if your existing TV3 is good from your current TV aerial, then you probably won"t have to change or move it.   If however, your TV3 reception is poor, then you may require a new/different aerial.

H. But I want More Channels !!

If you want to get more than the basic Irish Channels you can either add on:

  • Free-To-Air Satellite system  - this system consists of either a Standard or a High Definition satellite receiver and a satellite dish which will give you about 80 free satellite channels including BBC 1, 2, 3,4, ITV 1,2,3,4, Channel 4, sky News, Film4 etc.
  • Sky - this system consists of a sky Receiver which come with a viewing card. Monthly subscription costs from 22-87 euro. It is possible to get sports and Movie channels on this service do not stock either of these services.

G. Can I get The Free Irish & UK Channels on a Single Box

  • Yes. You will need a Combo Satellite & DTT system as listed in the Saorview section under Irish & UK Combo Receivers.
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Great service. I emailed them questions that I had and I received a reply very quickly.
They have really helpful videos on each and every item. This was a great help as I had no clue regarding connectors/ cables.
Top quality service. Goods arrived promptly and as advertised. Videos to help installation are an excellent resource.
Ronseal it does exactly what it says . would highly recommend freeTV .I dealt with Brian on line he was highly professional and helpful I will certainly deal with them again
Got two,brilliant quality, one slight damaged in transport but easyly bent back to shape
Nothing worse than trying to drill a hole on a chimney on an A roof. Not here, loved this arial and cable/bracket kit. Up and down in 20 minutes, job done. Super.
Ordered this product on a Monday evening, received it Wednesday and fitted it in my attic where it works flawlessly.
Would highly recommend this product and the professional service supplied by Brian at
Good advice and recommendation. Checked it in attic first and it works perfect very good signal. Saves a lot of hassle.

Very fast delivery and very simple to fit
Bought a xoro combo for the main room and a xoro dtv-m5 for the bedroom. Nedded a Saorview Aerial Kit to go with them. Got great advice from Dave (the owner). Kit contained everything I needed. Brilliant website and service and would have no hesitation in recommending TV Trade to any of my friends or neighbours. Thanks.

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