I have a Satellite Dish - What else do I need to get a Free to air system working

Clare asks;

I just moved and am currently renting. The house has a satellite dish and I can see there is a cable coming from the wall that looks like it should be connected to a box. I have a new Samsung flat screen TV. Connecting the 2 is what I need to do.

I'd like to use a free to air with RTE, TV3 and T na G. What bits will I need to purchase? Will the installation be difficult or could I manage on my own?

Our answer;

to be able to get the Irish & the Free UK channels are you are effectively looking at 2 totally different systems or a combo version which can do both.

Irish Channels - Terrestrial TV Aerial

Are not available for Free on satellite and must be picked up Using a TV Aerial Kit.

UK Free channels - Satellite system

  • Normally you would need to buy a complete Satellite TV kit to be able to get the free UK channels.
  • It would consist of a Satellite dish, HD satellite receiver & a satellite installation kit
  • As you have the an installed satellite dish already you will only need to buy the satellite receiver
  • The main specs
    • You can receive in the region of 75-120 free to air satellite channels such as BBCs, ITVs, Channel 4, Sky news, Film 4 etc
    • Note the signal for free to air UK channels and the Sky subscription service both come off the Astra 2 satellite so a pre-installed sky dish will work fine with free to air channels
    • The HD box has the advantage of having the free HD channels & it is PVR ready (you can add an External Hard Drive & pause, record etc live TV)
  • Any other advice: make sure you have the correct type of connector (f connector) to go into the sky box

Can I get on the channels on a single Combo box ?

  • Yes the top selling product we have is our range of Combo Digital & Satellite TV Kit (Irish & UK Channels) Receivers.
  • It has 2 feeds satellite (UK) and Terrestrial Aerial (Irish)
  • The big advantage of this system is that:
    • It gives you everything on a single box, with a single remote control
    • It is easier to bring with you if your are moving (important if you are renting)
    • It is easier to install as the Digital Irish signal is much stronger than the traditional analogue signal (may not be necessary to put the TV aerial on the chimney)
    • But I have the dish already - look at the FAQs tab for guidance but basically drop anything from this kit you already have e.g. the satellite dish and only buy what you need from the 'Associated Products' on the right hand side

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