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Digital TV Receiver

TV Star™ HD Digital TV Receiver

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Description of Digital TV Receiver

  • Contents
    • TV Star HD Digital TV Receiver
    • Remote Control & Batteries (2 x AAA)
    • User Manual in English
  • Fully DVB-T, MEPG-2/4 H.264 HD/SD Compliant
  • Compatible Video Formats: 576i/576p/720p/1080p
  • Auto & Manually Scan All Available Irish TV & Radio Stations
  • HDMI Output: Yes
  • Scart Output: Yes
  • Subtitles: Yes
  • EPG: 7 Day
  • Irish Digital Teletext: No
  • PVR ready function via USB 2.0
  • Multimedia playback via USB 2.0
  • Doesn't Include Scart or HDMI Cable
  • Front Panel
    • USB Port
    • Power/Status Indicator LED
    • IR Sensor
  • Rear Panel
    • HDMI Port (Should use this for best quality if available on your TV)
    • TV Scart (Connect TV here if no HDMI port available)
    • Digital Coaxial Audio Out (Can connect to home cinema sound system)
    • Antenna IN (TV Aerial plugs in here)
    • Power Lead

Uses of Digital TV Receiver

  • Used to receive Ireland's new Digital TV service (Known as Saorview)
  • Currently: RTE 1 HD, RTE2 HD, TV3, TG4, RTE News channel, 3e, RTEjr & RTE One +1, UTV Ireland
  • Can be used as a Media Player for Movies, Music & Photos
  • Can be used to receive the currently available range of Irish digital radio stations
  • Is ideal to be used before, during & after the Digital Switch Over in Ireland

Advantages of Digital TV Receiver

  • It has an Mpeg4 Tuner and is HD compatible
  • It has both scart (Older TVs) and HDMI (HD Ready TVs) outputs
  • It has a 7 Day Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)
  • Allows reception of all Saorview TV and Radio channels
  • Can watch Irish TV channels in HD (Currently RTE1 HD & RTE2 HD)
  • Is PVR Ready (Can Pause & Record TV)*
    • *With the Addition of an External Hard Drive
  • It supports both NTFS & FAT32 formats
  • Has an Intergrated media player of and plays the likes of Xvid/MP3 AVI videos

Disadvantages of Digital TV Receiver

  • It's not a Combo Receiver (Irish Saorview Channels only)
  • No Mheg5, so no Aertel Digital Teletext


  • Overview of the TV Star DVB-T2 Receiver
  • First Time Install of the TV Star DVB-T2 Receiver
  • How to Sort & Delete Channels
  • Info & EPG Functionality
  • Using the Subtitles
  • How to Format a USB Drive
  • Pause & Record Facilities
  • Play Back TV Recordings
  • Using the Media Player
  • How to Perform a Factory Reset

Overview of the TV Star DVB-T2 Receiver

Complete users guide for the TV Star DVB-T2 Receiver. This manual contains detailed instructions and video guides on the receivers installation & it"s various features

First Time Install of the TV Star DVB-T2 Receiver

  • Unpack the box
    • TV Star HD DVB-T2 receiver
    • Remote control & Batteries
    • User Manual (in English)
  • Push the lead from the UHF aerial into the "Aerial IN" plug
  • Connect using a HDMI or RCA cable to your TV
  • Plug in the power lead
  • After 5-6 seconds the box will come on and will display the Installation Guide menu
  • Select country as Germany (they use the same frequency range we do in Ireland)
  • Scan for channels, take a few minutes
  • Channels will be saved automatically after scan finished

How to Sort & Delete Channels

  1. Press the menu button
  2. Select the "Program" Menu
  3. Select the "Program Edit" option
    • Enter password "0000"
  4. Select colour coded keys on the remote that match the required function
    • "Red" button to move a channel
    • "Blue" button to delete a channel
  5. When you have finished sorting or deleting the channels
    • Press "Exit" button

Info & EPG Functionality

This DTT receiver comes with a full 7 Day EPG

  • Press the "EPG" button on the remote control
  • It lists the EPG one channel at a time
  • Your can scroll through channels or scroll up to 7 days forward (using arrow keys)
  • Scroll over the the desired program
  • Information displayed includes
    • Name of TV programme
    • Start and finish Time
    • Programme synopsis

Info Button

  • Press the Info button once
    • Get the programme name and runing time
  • Press the Info button twice
    • Get the programme synopsis
  • Works for now and next programmes

Using the Subtitles

By default the subtitles are turned off

To turn on the subtitles

  • Press button marked "Sub-T"
  • Arrow down to "English" option
  • Press "OK"
  • if you change channels the subtitles will default back to off
  • Note: It is possible from the main menu to change the default so that if the subtitles are turned on or off permanently

How to Format a USB Drive

  • Connect a USB drive to the receiver
  • Press the Menu button
  • Select the USB Menu
  • Select the "PVR Configure" option
  • Select the "Format" option
  • Press "OK"
    • Confirm you wish to proceed?
  • Press "OK" and it takes about 30 seconds to format the drive

The USB drive is now formatted to FAT32 or NTFS

Pause & Record Facilities

  • There are some good PVR Facilities on this DVB-T2 receiver
  • The first step is to add either a USB key or a hard drive (it can handle either FAT32 or NTFS)
  • The main features outlined in the video below are as follows...
    • How to mark a future TV programme for recording using the EPG
    • How to record the current programme using the record button
    • How to pause live TV

Play Back Recorded TV Shows

  • The video above shows how you can play back TV shows that you may have recorded
  • It also shows how you can delete shows that you may already have watched

Using the Media Player

  • This is probably one of the best features on this already impressive box
  • Due to it"s ease of use and the sheer range of files it can handle
  • To access the media player
    • Press the menu button
    • Arrow over to USB
    • Arrow down to Multimedia and press OK


  • All the normal photo and image file types are handled
  • Allows you view as a slide show


  • Listen to MP3s & other common formats
  • Allows you to select a song from the screen


  • Supports both standard & high definition films
  • Supports both FAT32 & NTFS file system formats

How to Perform a Factory Reset

How to perform a factory reset on TV Star 505

  • Menu
  • System
  • Restore Factory reset
  • Password "0000"
  • OK
  • Box will reboot back to 1st time installation

See map below for main Saorview transmitters in Ireland. Alternatively, click on link to view all main Saorview transmitters and regional sub stations [Click Here to View Map]


RTE Digital

The above map shows the main Saorview coverage & transmitters, the colour code of the best UHF aerial to use and their catchment area

Saorview Frequencies

The table above shows the channel range & polarity of each of the transmitters in Ireland. The final column shows the UHF group colour code for the most appropriate aerial for the transmitter. Of course it is possible to use a wide band UHF aerial (either the standard white tipped, higher gain, high gain grid or 32 element) which will  work on all transmitters

UHF Aerial Groups

The table above shows the range of UHF TV Aerials available, their frequency range and the colour code associated with each aerial.

What TV Channels Can I Receive?

  • Currently, it is possible to receive 9 Irish TV channels

Irish Digital TV Channels

What Radio Stations Can I Receive?

  • Currently, it is also possible to receive 9 Irish digital radio stations

Irish Digital Radio Stations

Additional Info

  • Receivers with a DVB-T tuner, can receive the above Saorview channels
  • Receivers that have a DVB-T2 tuner, can not only pick up the Saorview channels but also if along the border with Northern Ireland, can also pick up UK Freeview HD channels*

*Location dependent

Q: What is Irish Digital TV?

Irish digital TV also know as Saorview is the name given to Irelands new "Free to Air" Digital Terrestrial TV service. The service officially launched in Ireland on the 29th October 2010. It replaced the old analogue TV signal, which was turned off turned off on 24th Oct 2012

Q: What Channels are Available?

See the "List of Channels" tab for a full list

Q: Will I Need a New TV Aerial?

Maybe but possibly not. A good rule of thumb is that if you are currently getting good reception on the 4 Irish channels (especially TV3 & TG4) on an existing aerial, chances are you will not need to invest in a new Aerial. Indeed the equipment and installations are generally much simpler than with analogue systems where in Ireland we had historically the complication of VHF aerials & diplexers in certain parts of the country

Q: Will I Need a New Television?

You will need either

  • A digtal terrestrial receiver (Miniumum spec: MPEG4 & HD) to work with your existing TV
  • A Saorview approved (or at a miniumum an MPEG4 & HD) TV which can handle the Saorview transmissions

Q: What Is MHEG5? Is it Essential?

A receiver which has MHEG5 Middleware can recieve RTÉ’s Digital Aertel Service and also future proofs the receiver for down the line interactive services

Q: Is it Possible to receive Irish & UK Digital channels on a single receiver?

There are some Saorview Approved UK & Irish Combo Receivers on the market. There are also a host of generic Combo Receivers on the market

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