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SAB™ Titan III Combo Receiver

SAB™ Titan III Combo Receiver

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DESCRIPTION of SAB™ Titan III Combo Receiver

  • Manufacturer: Made by SAB in Holland
  • Box Contains
    • SAB™ Titan III Combo Receiver
    • Remote Control & Batteries
    • User Manual in English
  • Definition: Standard & High Definition
  • Resolution: Up to 1080p
  • Automatic Channel List Updates: Yes (Download Via WiFi)
    • Purchase SAB Titan III WiFi Dongle Seperately
  • Note: Automatic Updates Only Available on Pre-Programmed Boxes
  • Note: 320GB Internal Hard Drive Option
    • If Chosen, Deactivates Front USB Port & Card Reader
  • Available Pre-Programmed with UK Free to Air Channels - See 'List of Channels' Tab
  • Capacity of 5000 TV and Radio Channels
  • Electronic Programme Guide
    • 7 Day Electronic Program Guide on Saorview Channels
    • Now/Next on UK Satellite Channels
  • PVR Ready (Can Pause & Record TV to USB Storage Device)
  • DVB-T2 & DVB-S2 Compliant
  • Colour: Black
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Back of Box
    • Aerial In
    • Satellite LNB In
    • HDMI Output
    • Scart Output
    • RS232
    • USB port
    • S/PDIF Output for Digital Optical Audio
    • On/Off Switch
    • Ethernet Port
  • Front of Box
    • Manual Operation Buttons
    • USB Port
    • LCD Digital Display
    • Card Reader
  • Supports FAT32 & NTFS
  • Dimensions: 220×169×46mm
  • Media Player
    • Films (Does Play XVID/MP3 AVIs)
    • Music
    • Pictures

USES of SAB™ Titan III Combo Receiver

  • HD combo receiver for receiving both
    • Irish Digital Terrestrial TV (Saorview Channels)
    • Standard & HD UK Satellite Channels
  • Channel List (See List of Channels Tab) Includes
    • RTE 1, RTE 2, TV3, 3e, TG4, UTV Ireland, TG4, RTE One +1, RTEjr etc
      • Need to tune Irish channels to your local transmitter (See video guides)
    • BBC 1,2,4, UTV, ITV 2,3,4, ITV be, Channel 4, More 4, E4, Film 4, Channel 4/7 etc
    • Channel 5, CBS, Showcase, Food Channel, Travel Channel, EWTN, VIVA, Pick, Challenge etc
    • CITV, CBBC, Cbeebies etc
    • Sky News, BBC News, Euro News, CNN, CNBC etc
    • True Movies 1 & 2, True Drama, Horror Channel, Men & Movies etc
    • Huge Array of Music Channels
    • All +1 Channels Where Available
    • HD Channels include the following
      • BBC 1 HD, BBC 2 HD, BBC 4 HD, CBBC HD, Cbeebies HD, UTV HD, C4 HD, BBC News HD, RTE 1 HD, RTE 2 HD etc
  • PVR Features - Add Recording with an External Hard drive
    • Equipment needed - 250GB, 320GB External Hard Drive etc
  • Allows Viewer to Pause & Record Live TV Shows

ADVANTAGES of SAB™ Titan III Combo Receiver

  • The SAB combo receiver is PVR ready
    • You can watch Irish TV & record a programme on a UK satellite channel
    • You can watch a UK channel and record something on the Irish Stations
    • Note: Need to add an external hard drive or memory stick
  • The Titan III combo receiver is made by SAB, who have a reputation for building premium quality receivers
  • The combo receiver is both a HD Satellite Receiver & HD Digital Terrestrial Receiver in a single unit
  • The SAB Titan III now supports automatic channel updating via WiFi
  • Supports both Standard & High Definition transmissions
  • It has a DVB-T2 tuner so is suitable for Saorview and Freeview HD channels
  • The SAB Titan III combo receiver is extremely competitively priced
  • It futures proofs your investment by meeting all the latest HD standards
  • Big Buttons on remote for older people
  • Extremely responsive remote
  • The SAB Combo Receiver is connectable to the internet
  • It has a fairly decent media player built in for films, photos & music
  • It does play XVID/MP3 AVI films
  • It has a 3 pin Ireland/UK plug
  • Unlike some competitor products, it has a scart output

DISADVANTAGES of SAB™ Titan III Combo Receiver

  • Does not support MHEG5 which will mean no teletext on HD terrestrial channels
  • More expensive than either a HD Satellite Receiver or a stand alone Digital Terrestrial Receiver but cheaper than getting them separately
  • It does not have an RF out ie. it is not possible to run the picture to an additional room unless you use either an external Modulator or a TRI-Link (allows you to operate combo box with a sky eye from another room)
  • Note: Automatic channel update option not available if using IPTV app firmware
  • We are working to resolve this issue & hope to add in near future


  • Overview of the SAB Titan III Combo Receiver
    • How to Install a SAB Titan III Combo Receiver
  • How to Tune in UK Satellite Channels
  • How to Tune in Terrestrial Saorview Channels
  • How to Sort & Delete the Channels on the SAB Combo Receiver
  • How to Program the SAB Titan III Combo with a USB Drive
  • How to Manually Tune in a Satellite Channel
  • Automatic Channel Updates Over WiFi
  • Using the EPG & Info Button
  • How to Format an External Hard Drive
  • How to Pause & Record Live TV
  • How to Schedule Future Recordings
  • How to Play Back Your TV Recordings
  • Using the Media Player
  • How to Turn On / Off Subtitles
  • How to Safely Remove a USB Drive
  • How to Perform a Factory Reset
  • How to Upgrade Firmware
  • Grouped Channel List Favourites
  • How to Connect to WiFi

Overview of the SAB Titan III Combo Receiver

  • Complete users guide for the SAB Titan III Combo Receiver
  • The SAB Titan III is a PVR Ready Satellite & Digital Terrestrial TV Combo Receiver
  • This receiver has 2 feeds from
    • Satellite Dish (For free UK satellite channels)
    • UHF Aerial (For Saorview channels)

How to Install a SAB Titan III Combo Receiver

  • Unpack the box
  • Contents
    • SAB Titan III Combo Receiver
    • Remote Control, 2x AAA Batteries & User Manual
  • Push the lead from the Aerial into the "Aerial in" connection
  • Screw the lead from the satellite dish into the "LNB in" connection
  • Connect a HDMI cable from the HDMI output on the box to your TV
  • Plug in the power lead
  • Turn on the power switch on the back on the box
  • After a short time, the box will come on. If using a HDMI cable, you may need to use the source button on your TV remote to change to the correct AV channel on the TV

How to Tune in UK Satellite Channels

  • Press Menu button on remote control
  • Go to Installation menu
  • Select Satellite Installation menu
  • Select Astra2A 28.2E from satellites list
  • Press Red Button for Single Scan
  • Select
    • Scan Mode: Free
    • TV + Radio
    • Scan Type: Blind Scan
  • Press Ok to Search
  • Takes 10-15 minutes
  • Will save the channels when it finishes

How to Tune in Saorview Channels

  • Press Menu button on remote control
  • Go to Installation menu
  • Select Terrestrial Installation menu
    • Region: German (Use same freqs as Rep. of Ireland)
    • Tuner Power: Off
  • Press Green Button to TP Edit
    • Scan Mode: By Channel
    • Scan Band: UHF
    • Ch #: Select your local transmitter channel #
    • Note: Channel settings available on transmitter tab on product page
  • Press Green Button for TP Scan
  • Very Quick Scan, Pulls in Channels on Mux #1
    • Repeat for your 2nd local transmitter channel#
  • Very Quick Scan, Pulls in Channels on Mux #2
  • Press exit to save channels
  • All channels can now be arranged into order that you desire
  • You can delete the blank test channels that get scanned in

How to Sort & Delete Channels

  • Press the Menu button on remote control
  • Go to Services
  • Go to Organizing Services
  • Use up/down arrow buttons to navigate to desired channel and press OK to select channel
  • Press arrow right button to go to options
  • Use up/down arrows to select option (move, delete etc) and press OK
  • You can now either move or delete the desired channel
  • Multiple channels can be moved/deleted at same time
  • Press exit to leave this menu
  • It will ask do you want to save changes, say yes

Program the SAB Titan III Combo Using a USB Drive

  • The videos below show the following
    • How you can back up your channel list to a USB drive
    • How you can restore the channel list from a USB drive

Backup Channel List to USB Drive

  • With your blank USB memory stick connected to the receiver
  • Press the Menu button on remote control
  • Go to System menu
  • Go to Software Ipdate
  • Select Backup to USB
    • Select Mode: Channel List
  • Arrow to Backup to USB and press OK button
  • Takes a few seconds
  • Channel list has now been backed up

Load Channel List from USB Drive

  • Using a USB drive with ONLY the channel list software on it
  • Press the Menu button on remote
  • Go to System menu
  • Go to Software update
  • Select Update by USB
  • Update Mode: Channel List
  • Arrow to Start and press OK button
  • Very quick process
  • Box reboots
  • Channel list has now been loaded

How to Manually Tune in a Satellite Channel

  • Press the Menu button on remote control
  • Go to Installation
  • Select Satellite Installation
  • Pick Astra 2A 28.2 as the satellite
  • Press Yellow button for TP Edit
  • Press Green button to Add Transponder
    • Example: EWTN
    • Freq: 11260
    • Symbol Rate: 27500
    • Polarity: V (Vertical)
  • If TP already exists, it will tell you
    • You can hit exit and select the TP from your transponder list on Satellite Installation menu
  • If it didn"t exit already, it would add it to your existing TP list
    • Select desired TP from transponder list on Satellite Installation menu
  • Press Green button to do TP Scan
    • Scan Mode: Free
    • Program Type: TV Channel
    • Scan Type: Blind Scan
  • Arrow to Search and press OK
  • Very quick process, tunes in all channels found on that TP
  • Adds found channels to end of channel list

Automatic Channel Updates Over WiFi

  • Our development team here at has come up with a brilliant new feature to make the lives of our customers easier
  • Note: Automatic Updates Only Available on Pre-Programmed Boxes

What Does this Mean?

  • Simply it means no more having to manually tune back in satellite channels on your set top box
  • Once the box has a WiFi connection, you can simply download our latest satellite channel list directly onto your receiver

How Does it Work?

  • We have an link to our channel list server embedded in the receiver firmware to allow downloading the latest channel list via a WiFi Dongle

Step by Step Guide

  • Once you have connected your box to your home broadband
  • Press the menu button on the remote control
  • Go to system
  • Select system update
  • Now choose HTTP update
  • Select auto
  • First press the red button to connect
  • Now press the red button to download - It takes about 60 seconds
  • See overview video above
  • The UK satellite channels have now been updated with our latest channel list
  • Note: On a combo receiver, you will have to tune in the Saorview channels again after doing this

EPG & Information Button


  • Press the EPG button to bring up the Electronic Programme Guide
  • Works well on the Irish Saorview channels with a full 7 day guide
  • Gives a now and next EPG on UK satellite channels

Info Button

  • Get information on the current programme
  • Press the "INFO" Button once to get basic channel info
  • Press it again to get mini EPG for the channel you are on

How to Format a USB Drive on the SAB Titan III

  • Connect the USB drive to the SAB Titan III using the available USB ports
  • Wait a few seconds for the receiver to detect the drive
  • Press the Menu button on remote control
  • Select Media menu
  • Go to HDD Format
  • Press Yellow button on remote to format drive
  • Can select FAT32 or NTFS
  • Select OK to format drive
  • Very quick process
  • DO NOT unplug drive or power off receiver when the formatting process is working
  • Once complete, just press the exit button a couple of times to go back to live TV

How to Pause & Record Live TV on the SAB Titan III

  • The video above shows how you can
    • Pause Live TV
    • Record Live TV
  • Note: you must have a USB drive connected to the receiver to utilise the functions below

Schedule Future Recordings Using Timer Menu

  • The video above shows how to set up future recordings using the timer menu which is particularly handy for UK satellite channels which only have a now/next EPG capability

How to Play Back Your TV Recordings

  • The video above shows how to access and play back your TV recordings on your external hard drive and also how you might delete them if you so desired

The Media Player - for TV Recordings, Videos, Music & Photos

  • The SAB Titan III has an excellent quality and user friendly media player
  • Press Menu on your remote control
  • Select Media menu
  • Use the arrow buttons to flick between the main options
    • Music
    • Image (Photos)
    • Movies
  • Arrow down to desired photo/film/song and press OK to play/display

How to Turn On / Off Subtitles

  • The video above shows how you can turn on/off subtitles on individual channels and how to universally turn off/on subtitles across all channels

How to Safely Remove Your External Hard Drive

  • Simply press the USB button on the remote control
  • Press OK to safely remove the USB drive from the box

Performing a Factory Reset

  • The video above shows how you can perform a factory reset on the SAB Titan III combo receiver
  • You may need to do this in the case of a firmware upgrade where it is always advisable to perform a factory reset immediately after the firmware upgrade

How to Upgrade Firmware

Grouped Channel List Favourites

How to Connect to WiFi


  • How to assemble a Sky/Freesat satellite dish
  • How to mount a Sky/Freesat satellite dish
  • How to align a Sky/Freesat satellite dish
  • Running the cables & attaching connectors
  • Installing the satellite receiver

1. How to Assemble a Sky / Freesat Satellite Dish

List of Sky dish components

  • Sky Satellite Dish
  • Wall Bracket
  • Wall Tube (Arm)
  • Elevation Bracket
  • Dish Bracket
  • Fixing Kit
  • Feed Arm

Tools needed to assemble Sky dish

  • 10mm, 13mm socket and ratchet
  • Philips screwdriver

Steps to assemble the satellite dish

  • Open fixing kit and select U-bolts (qty: 2), nuts (qty: 4)
  • Insert the U bolts through the wall bracket
  • Thread on the nuts
  • Insert the arm and tighten the nuts using 10mm socket and ratchet
  • The wall bracket & arm assembly is complete
  • Next insert U-bolts (qty: 2) through the elevation bracket
  • Loosely tighten nuts
  • Attach the elevation bracket to the dish bracket
  • Using bolts and washers (qty: 4), tighten with 13mm socket and ratchet
  • Use the bolts and nuts (qty:4) and the Philips screwdriver to attach the dish bracket to the dish
  • Use the long threaded bolt and small nut to attach the feed arm to the back base of the dish bracket so the arm protrudes in front of the dish
  • Finally insert the LNB (and plastic insert) into the end of the arm and secure with a tie wrap

2. How to Mount a Satellite Dish

Equipment needed to mount a satellite dish on a wall

  • Sky satellite dish, complete with wall bracket and arm
  • Coach bolt M8 x 50mm & 10mm plastic plugs (qty: 4)

Tools needed to mount on a wall

  • Cordless drill - ideally a 24-36v SDS Drill
  • 8mm, 10mm drill bits
  • 10mm, 13mm socket and ratchet
  • Satellite meter

Criteria on where to mount the satellite dish?

  • Dish must face South East (141 degrees i.e. direction of sun 11am BST)
  • Wall must be a solid surface capable of carrying weight of satellite dish
  • Signal must not be blocked by houses or trees (signal is coming in at 21 degrees to the horizontal)
  • Place at back or gable end of house to minimise visual intrusion
  • Place as close at possible to TV room to which the satellite cables are to connected so as to minimise cable run


  • Place the wall bracket and arm in the correct location
  • Use the cordless drill and 8mm drill bit to drill 4 guide holes
  • Use 10mm drill bit to drill holes to a depth of 60mm
  • Insert the 4 plastic plugs in the holes and mount the wall bracket using the 4 coach bolts
  • Tighten the coach bolts using the 13mm socket and ratchet
  • Attach the satellite dish to the arm of the wall plate
  • Use 10mm socket to lightly tighten the dish 'U'-bolts so they are fixed to arm but the dish can still be rotated
  • Follow steps in the how to align a satellite dish guide

3. How to Align a Sky / Freesat Satellite Dish

  • Having already mounted the satellite dish on your wall
  • Attach your satellite meter to the dish LNB
  • Align the dish so that it is (1) perfectly vertical, (2) pointing south east (141 degrees).
  • Rotate the dish slowly over and back
  • Repeat adjusting the tilt angle by 1 or 2 degrees to until a signal is found
  • Tighten the U-bolts and side bolts using the 10mm & 13mm sockets
  • Disconnect the satellite meter
  • Connect a cable with an 'F-type' connector from the dish to the satellite box
  • Check that the signal is working

4. How to Run Cables & Attach Connectors

The next step is to run satellite cable to the satellite receiver

Tools needed

  • Hammer
  • Snips
  • Drill
  • SDS Drill Bit 10X450


  • Satellite Installation Kit

Prior to begining you must decide

  • Decide how to run cable
    • Connect into existing cables in the attic
      • Normally neater but requires additional connectors
      • May need a multi-meter to be able to identify the correct cable
      • May result in longer cable runs
    • Run a cable directly from the satellite dish to the satellite receiver
      • Fastest and easiest way to run a cable
      • Cable runs are normally shorter
      • Requires the drill of a hole through a wall


  • If the satellite receiver is to be located next to the external wall of a room
    • Use a drill and an SDS Drill Bit 10x450 to drill a hole through the wall
    • Ensuring to drill from the inside out
  • To conceal broken plaster use either
    • Hole tidy (insert inside and out before the cable is run)
    • Cable cover nailed onto the outside wall after the cable has been run
  • Feed the end of the satellite cable through the wall leaving enough cable to reach the front of the satellite box
  • Now start tacking the cable using 7mm clips and a hammer
  • Ensuring that the cable runs down from the hole that been drilled in the wall
  • This will stop water following the cable into the house
  • Continue tacking the cable
    • Run cable vertically or horizontally but NEVER diagonally
    • If possible hide cable under the plint or behind drain pipes (using 300mm cable ties)
  • Cut the cable leaving enough length to reach the LNB of the dish
  • Put on an F connector on the each end of the satellite cable
  • Screw the F connector on to the LNB
  • Seal the connection using Insulation tape or ideally waterproof self amalgamating tape
  • Secure the cable to the dish feed arm using either 300mm cable ties or Insulation tape
  • Final step is to put on an F connector on the satellite cable next to the satellite receiver

How to put on an F-connector

5. How to Install Your Satellite Receiver

  • Unpack the box
    • Satellite Receiver
    • Remote control
  • Screw the lead from the satellite dish into the LNB in connection
  • Connect a scart or HDMI cable from your TV to the box
  • Plug in the power lead
  • Turn on the power switch on the back on the box
  • After 5-6 seconds the box will come on and should automatically switch TV to AV channel
  • You may need to switch AV channel on TV if it does not automatically switch over

See map below for main Saorview transmitters in Ireland. Alternatively, click on link to view all main Saorview transmitters and regional sub stations [Click Here to View Map]


RTE Digital

The above map shows the main Saorview coverage & transmitters, the colour code of the best UHF aerial to use and their catchment area

Saorview Frequencies

The table above shows the channel range & polarity of each of the transmitters in Ireland. The final column shows the UHF group colour code for the most appropriate aerial for the transmitter. Of course it is possible to use a wide band UHF aerial (either the standard white tipped, higher gain, high gain grid or 32 element) which will  work on all transmitters

UHF Aerial Groups

The table above shows the range of UHF TV Aerials available, their frequency range and the colour code associated with each aerial.

Combo Receiver Channels

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Great delivery service ,very good receiver,very good people to deal with.
Purchased this combi box a few weeks ago and I've been so impressed that I've bought a second one BRILLIANT !!!!!
Very easy to set up and excellent picture quality. Easy to use menu. I'd definitely recommend this box
Outstanding picture quality, even on an old "HD ready" TV, easy to set up and use. Very highly recommended.
Received SAB111Combo receiver today simple to use plugged straight into tv and existing dish and worked immediately with fab picture quality,very impressed with service from company.
This is a great box which came pre preprogrammed with frees at channels and it was very easy to programme soar view. Much better reception than older box we had. Service was great, delivered without hassle. Also went with WiFi single which was very easy to connect.
Love this unit. Picture quality is scary, just perfection. What sold this unit to me was the setup videos. I had it up and going in a few minutes. Love the videos on all the products. Super site. Great friendly and super efficient people to deal. Great culture guys, a very rare culture that will stand to ye.
Works well and TV stations can be moved in groups to the number of your choice. No Teletext. Can pause and record live TV. Memory can be built in or connected by Great for a TV that keeps reverting to factory settings and cannot be fixed!
Picture quality is brilliant looks good easy to use fast delivery thanks
speedy, first rate service , received the SAB III HD combo in 2 days,
[great unit] so good I will order another for my friend Thank You.SEAN
Great receiver.I didn't have to do practically anything after connecting.It searched for channel list itself.Almost plug and play. Nice clear menu. Has access to Youtube. Can be connected to internet via cable or wifi dongle (must be bought separate). Oh and I must add, the parcel came very neatly packaged on time. Thanks for an excellent service,guys.
parcel arrived today,setup worked straight away excellent picture quality
many thanks form france
Just wanted to let everyone know how good this box is the rte picture is better than it ever was the sat channels are all perfect and the box was so easy to install i would recommend this box to anyone
Just purchased titan3 ordered Friday evening delivered Tuesday morn so really fast service. Great combo box easy set up just attached HDMI lead and plugged in, hey presto more channels than you can shake a stick at. All terrestrial and my sat channels all on one remote. 100% perfect.
Excellent box. Saorview (RTE & all), UK Free Sat (Bbc's, Itv's, Ch4's & all). Over 100 channels. All from one remote control. Simple to set up. Easy to move all the channels to a favourites list so that you can avoid all the channels you don't want. Like other reviews - I moved the Irish channels to top of listing - was easy to do. Very happy with my purchase.


  • Overview
  • Free to Air
  • Freesat
  • Freeview


The 3 terms widely (and often incorrectly) used to describe a receiver to get the free satellite channels are as follows

  • Free to Air: Received by a Generic Satellite Receiver
  • Freesat: Received by an ITV/BBC Patented Satellite Receiver
  • Freeview: NOT Received by a Satellite Receiver - It"s a Digital Terrestrial TV Service

Below we give full details of the differences

Free to Air (FTA)

  • This is received using a generic satellite receiver and is used with a satellite dish
  • It is Free to Air meaning it is used to pick up free satellite channels
  • But can come with a card slot to allow it to be used for subscription services
  • It is capable of working with any satellite (so long as the dish is large enough)
  • Manufactured by a range of up to about 120 different companies
  • Boxes can come in the following formats
    • Standard definition
    • High definition
    • Twin feed HD to allow you to record one channel & look at another
    • HD Satellite & Terrestrial Combo receiver
  • Good Points
    • It is non subscription
    • It is very versatile in terms of channel line up and satellite"s that can be accessed
    • Huge range of different boxes
    • Generally cheaper than official freesat boxes
  • Drawback
    • Unlike freesat
      • It does not automatically update if their is a frequency change
      • or new channels becomes available
    • Getting spare remotes can sometimes be an issue
  • Main channels include (on astra 2, but totally flexible):
    • BBC 1,2,3,4,
    • UTV, ITV 2,3,4,
    • Channel 4, E4, More 4, Film 4
    • 6 News Channels, 7 Childrens, 8 Movie channels etc
  • We stock these in our free to air satellite receiver section


Main points

  • This is a satellite receiver
    • Works in conjunction with a satellite dish
  • It meets the Freesat standards set out by ITV/BBC
  • It will work anywhere in Ireland from a 60cm satellite dish
  • It comes in range of types
    • Freesat SD: SD with no hard drive
    • Freesat HD: HD with no hard drive
    • Freesat+ HD: Twin feed, HD, with hard drive, series link, 7 day EPG etc
  • What makes Freesat special?
    • It is non subscription
    • It has a standard channel line up (program box with a UK Post code)
    • It automatically updates if there is a frequency change
    • or new channels becomes available
    • Easy to get spare remotes
  • Drawbacks
    • It is generally more expensive than free to air boxes
    • It is not as flexible - i.e. you can"t decide the order of the channels in freesat mode
    • Only works off the Astra 2 at 28 East satellite
  • Main channels include
    • BBC 1,2,3,4,
    • UTV, ITV 2,3,4,
    • Channel 4, E4, More 4, Film 4
    • 6 News Channels, 7 Childrens, 8 Movie channels etc
  • We stock these in our Freesat Satellite Receivers section


Main points

  • This is a terrestrial service (NOT a satellite service)
    • Works with UHF aerial rather than a satellite dish
  • It meets the Freeview standards set out by ITV/BBC
  • It does not generally work in Ireland (Except along NI border & East coast)
  • We do not stock Freeview boxes
  • What people generally mean when they say Freeview is that they are looking for either
    • A Free To Air Receiver
    • A Freesat Receiver

Installation Diagram (combo-receiver-setup.pdf, 680 Kb) [Download]

Available Firmware (titan-3-fw.pdf, 58 Kb) [Download]

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