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Wideband Grid UHF Aerial

TV Aerial (Wideband Grid, UHF)

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DESCRIPTION of UHF Grid TV Aerial (High Gain)

  • High Gain UHF Grid TV Aerial
  • Saorview Digital TV: Yes
  • Material: Tubular Aluminium
  • Gain: 13 dB
  • Colour: Silver
  • Dimensions(HxWxD): 75 x 60 x 20 cm
  • Band: UHF T-Band - covers full Terrestrial Digital TV band
  • Channel: 21-59
  • Frequency: 470-790 Mhz
  • Consists of
    • 4 Dipoles
    • Deflector Grid
    • Mounting bracket
    • Grid Deflector acts to block unwanted signals from secondary TV transmitters

USES of UHF Grid TV Aerial

  • General purpose UHF TV aerial which will work with any UHF transmission
  • Ideal for use in where interference is a major issue
  • Ideal for when the aerial must be mounted in the attic


  • This is a general purpose High Gain Aerial suited to all UHF transmissions
  • Little technical knowledge needed to get good results for the above reason
  • Can save money by reducing the need for amplifiers and distribution systems
  • May work in attic where WB contract aerial would not give good results


  • Cost: Far more expensive than a 10 element contract aerial
  • If mounting an aerial outside in a poor reception aerial - a high gain 32 Element aerial will give better results.
  • A correctly selected and installed Grouped 10 Element contract aerial can give equally good results
  • Takes up 80cm of pole space compared to only 30cm for a 10 Element contract aerial - an issue when space is tight on your aerial pole

Introduction to Aerial Assembly

The various different types of aerials stocked by can be broken into 3 basic categories:

  • UHF High Gain Grid Aerials
  • UHF Contract Aerials
    • Wideband
    • Grp A
    • Grp B
    • Grp CD
    • Grp K
  • Medium Gain UHF TV Aerials

How to Assemble a UHF Grid Aerial

Note for safety and convience it is best to do as much aerial assembly as possible while still on ground level !

Tools needed

  • Snips
  • Small Flat Head Screwdriver
  • UHF Grid Aerial - consists of: Grid, Dipoles & Bracket
  • Length of RG6 Satellite Cable

Steps to Install

  1. Pull down the bracing brackets on the top and bottom of the dipoles unit
  2. Unscrew the wing nuts and bolt the free end of the bracket onto the grid assembly
  3. Using a snips, pare back 2cm from the end of the RG6 cable and wrap the earth cable around the base of the cable leaving at least 1cm of the central core cable exposed
  4. Pull the plastic cover off the front of the aerial assembly
  5. Slot the end of the RG6 cable through the base of the aerial assembly and into the fixing nuts for the earth and core wires
  6. Use the screwdriver to tighten the screws so that both the earth and core wires are securely screwed in place and are not touching each other.
  7. Click the plastic cover back on
  8. Clamp the pole bracket onto the back of the grid section of the aerial -  it can be used to mount aerial vertically or horizonitally

See map below for main Saorview transmitters in Ireland. Alternatively, click on link to view all main Saorview transmitters and regional sub stations [Click Here to View Map]


RTE Digital

The above map shows the main Saorview coverage & transmitters, the colour code of the best UHF aerial to use and their catchment area

Saorview Frequencies

The table above shows the channel range & polarity of each of the transmitters in Ireland. The final column shows the UHF group colour code for the most appropriate aerial for the transmitter. Of course it is possible to use a wide band UHF aerial (either the standard white tipped, higher gain, high gain grid or 32 element) which will  work on all transmitters

UHF Aerial Groups

The table above shows the range of UHF TV Aerials available, their frequency range and the colour code associated with each aerial.

What Channels Can I Receive?

  • Using an official Saorview approved set top box, it is possible to receive 10 Irish digital TV channels
  • Using a generic digital TV receiver without MHEG5, you will receive 9 channels
  • RTE Aertel Digital is only available on boxes with MHEG5

 Saorview Channels


RTE One HD is the most viewed TV Station in Ireland. It offers a variety of home grown factual, arts, drama, entertainment & lifestyle programming.  It is also lauded for it"s domestic & international news and current affairs programming. 70% of the top watched TV programmes in Ireland are on RTE One HD


RTE 2 HD is more focused on sport, documentaries, foreign TV series and childrens programming.  RTE 2 HD is the first domestic TV channel to broadcast in high definition allowing for the viewing of GAA matches in glorious HD for the first time.   Foreign TV series like CSI will also be broadcast in HD.   More HD content will become available as time goes on


TV3 is a commercial free-to-air television broadcaster in the Republic of Ireland  which launched on September 20, 1998

It was the country"s first independent commercial broadcaster. TV3 is operated by the TV3 Group which also consists of television channel 3e. The main studios of TV3 are located in Ballymount, Dublin

TV3 broadcasts a wide range of programming which in its early years depended heavily on international acquisitions


3e (3 entertainment) is a general entertainment channel operated in Ireland by Kish Media a subsidiary of TV3 Group. The channel launched on January 5, 2009 (replacing Channel 6 which launched on March 30, 2006). The channel provides a diverse mix of programming both local and international, targeting a demographic ranging between 16 to 35 year olds

3e is particularly great for catching up or re-watching old TV series


TG4 is Ireland’s Irish language TV channel.  The daily Irish language programme schedule is it"s core service supported by a wide range of material in other languages

Music, documentary & sports coverage have earned particular praise for TG4

UTV Ireland

UTV Ireland is the home for quality entertainment, news and current affairs, drama and documentaries reflecting a modern Ireland. Launched on January 1st 2015, UTV Ireland brings ITV favourites such as Coronation Street and Emmerdale combined with home-produced news and insights into today’s top stories

RTE News Now

RTE News Now is a 24 hour rolling news channel with live news bulletins, live current affairs programmes, catch-up on recent news and current affairs, live coverage of special events, breaking news and continuous sport, business and weather updates throughout the day


The RTEjr is a dedicated daytime television service for children aged 6 years and younger. RTEjr shares channel space with RTE One +1 and will be on from 11am to 7pm and is free of advertising

RTE One +1

RTE One + 1 shares channel space with RTÉjr and will be on from 7pm to 2am. From May 2011 this channel will be an exact replica of RTE One, with a 1 hour delay

RTE Aertel Digital

RTE Aertel Digital is an improved digital version of the RTE Aertel teletext service, which is modern, fast and user-friendly. The service offers up-to-date and accessible news, sport, weather and other information, including flight times, public information, local council information, information for deaf and hard of hearing audiences and subtitles

What Radio Stations Can I Receive?

  • Currently, it is also possible to receive 9 Irish digital radio stations

Irish Digital Radio Stations

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This a great UHF aerial to receive UK Freeview channels combined with a high gain mast head amp. on the east coast of Ireland.
Just as described, after reading earlier reviews I was hoping that it would work in my attic also and to my delight it did. All of our stations are crystal clear. Highly recommended and quick delivery
Easy to order gain is very good on this antenna uhf high band can work just as well in an attic or outdoors pending on the area you are in.
I am in the Naas area very good signal from 3 rock or kippure repeter.
Would recommend this site for quality and good service.
very quick delivery and exactly as ordered
Works perfect in abbeyfeale.. West limerick area.
I had never before set up an aerial in my attic.
I saw the youtube videos and it was dead easy to follow.
I used a short pole bracket to attach to rafter... I didnt even have to adjust position for saorview channels.. My tv scanned and picked up all the channels crystal clear... Well impressed with build quality and easy setup... And best of all... No hassle...
I purchased one of these aerials recently with a mast head amp. It worked perfect in an area with a lot of hills and trees. The saorview channels are perfect now.
Excellent Signal off this Arial and Fantastic picture quality in Galway City Area, Especially on Saorview HD, Highly Recommend & Well worth the Price.
Works well in fringe areas. Used on saorview DTT with a masthead preamp. Channel 55 Dungarvan received from Nire valley, with hills in line of sight.

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