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Triax™ Trilink Kit



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DESCRIPTION of a Triax Tri-link Kit

The Triax Tri-link modulator kit consists of 4 parts:

1. Modulator

  • Ouput Frequency: 470-856MHz
  • Default Channel: CH36
  • Gain: 10dB
  • Return Path gain: >10dB
  • Connections:
    • Power input (F connector)
    • RF IN: (F connector)
    • RF OUTs: Qty 2 (F connector)
    • Passive and RF2 (9V)
    • AV Scart In
    • Av Scart Out
    • Power Switch with Indicator LED
  • Adjustable RF Out Twin Channel Dials

2. IR Transmitter

  • Peak Wavelength: 940nm
  • View Angle: 40 degrees
  • Cable Length 800mm

3. Power Adapter

  • input Voltage: 230v/50Hz AC
  • Ouptput Voltage: 12v/400mA DC
  • Output Connector: F Connector

4. Sky Eye (IR Sensor)

  • Range: Up to 10m from Eye to Remote

NOT Included

  • Scart cable to connect your Receiver to the Tri-link
  • Sky eye installation kit - Contains necessary cable & connectors

FUNCTION of a Triax Tri-link Kit

The tri-link includes 2 very important functions which allow a satellite receiver (or video etc):

  • Which does not have an RF output to be run through an RF cable to another room
  • To be remotely controlled allowing channels to be changed from another location

USES of a Triax Tri-link Kit

  • Especially handy where wireless senders will not work due to interference
  • Can be used in conjunction with:
    • Freesat boxes
    • Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT) Receivers
    • Video Recorders
    • Free to Air Recievers
    • Sky boxes with faulty RF2 units
    • Combo Receivers
    • Saorview Boxes

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