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Sky Magic Eye

Sky Magic Eye

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DESCRIPTION of Sky Magic Eye

  • Sky Magic Eye
  • Infrared Satellite Control Eye
  • Colour: Grey
  • Connections:
    • Input: F-Joiner
    • Output: Coaxial Connector
  • Comes With Molded 6cm RF Output Lead
  • Low Power Usage
  • Manufacturer: PROception

USES of Sky Magic Eye

  • Allows the remote operation of a Sky, Sky+ or Sky HD box from another room

HOW a Sky Magic Eye Works

  • It possible to turn on a 9V output on the RF2 outlet of a Sky box
  • This power can be used to pass power, along with the picture output, to a second location
  • This 9V is used to power the Sky eye which passes the signal back to the Sky box allowing the box to be operated from the second room
  • This ability to pass back a signal is normally denoted on distribution equipment as 'having a return path'

ADVANTAGES of Sky Magic Eye

  • Allows the remote operation of the Sky box
  • Normally operates very well
  • Very inexpensive option
  • Can be used in conjunction with link amplifiers and certain distribution amplifiers to work a number of sky magic eyes off a single Sky box


  • Though sky eyes are very handy, they are also extremely sensitive and prone to stop working for a range of reasons
  • Common reasons would be such as the cable length being too long, bad connections or using a low quality splitter

Sky eyes are very useful and inexpensive but they are also prone to give a lot of problems. The nub of the issue is that the eye works off a 9V power supply given by the sky box and everything needs to be set up just right if the eye is work properly.

Stage 1: Install and Test your Sky Eye directly off Sky Box

  • Ensure that the sky box is turned on connected to the tv
  • Connect the sky eye to the back to the "RF 2" outlet on the back of the sky box
  • Press the "services" button the sky remote
  • Select "system setup"
  • Press ‘0′, ‘1′ & ‘Select" in quick succession
  • From the Installer menu select ‘RF Outputs"
  • Turn the RF output setting to ‘ON" and exit saving settings
  • Also you can adjust the RF channel on which the sky signal will be broadcast
    • If you are combining an aerial input into the RF output this is critical
    • If the RF frequency is already being using by a TV channel it will cause interference
    • Avoid this by selecting an alternative channel number from 21-69 - (68 is the default)
    • I generally set 35 as my default but it depends on what your local transmitter is.
  • Select ‘RF Outputs"
  • Exit out all the way and check to see does the sky eye now work.
  • The LED on your Sky eye should now be Lighting

 This step has verified that:

  • Your sky eye is in working order
  • That your sky box is capable of supplying the necessary 9V signal to power the eye

Stage 2: Install Sky Eye in the 2nd Room

  • Run a satellite cable (connect an existing cable) into the "RF 2" outlet on the back of the sky box
  • This cable will need to be terminated with a Coax connector  and a Coax joiner
  • In the attic join the cable coming from the sky box to the cable feeding the addition TV
    using low loss F-connectors (qty 2) and an F joiner (qty1)
    for multi-room use 2 way or 4 way Link amplifiers or Distribution amplifers
  • Terminate the other end of the cable in the second room with a Coax connector
  • Push the coax connector into the sky Eye
  • Push the sky into the back of the television
  • Tune the TV into the correct frequency i.e. Channel 68 (default) which corresponds to 847 MHz
  • Place the sensor part sky eye facing towards the seat which will be used by viewers
  • Use sky remote to change channels on the remote sky box. 


Sky Eye Not Working - Problems & Solutions

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I bought this sky eye for the tv in my bedroom. I was a bit worried because the cable length between my tv and the sky+ box is about 25 - 28 meters. The sky eye arrived the next day with an post, very good. I had it setup in 5 mins. And i'm delighted to say it works perfectly. I had looked at sky eye in argos €21 and in harvey norman €22 and i don't think the quality is as good as this sky eye. The price including postage was under €15. A fantastic product. 5 Stars.
Prompt delivery arrived in 3 via an magic eye is great...excellent value for money
Product does what i's supposed to, fast efficient service. Can't fault anything!
This product is excellent, and your delivery service is the best I have seen - from ordering to my door in less than 24hrs.
I have used Digisenders for many years, including the latest one which converts the signal to some sort of mpg digital format first, and have always had problems with either the signal or the remote control not working. The Sky Magic Eye replaces my digisender, and gives me crystal clear reception with the remote control working perfectly also.
One suggestion maybe to have an installation kit available in white also?
A really excellent product, thanks.

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