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  • Sky Magic Eye Installation Diagram

Sky Magic Eye



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DESCRIPTION of Sky Magic Eye

  • Satellite Infrared Contol Eye
  • Colour: Grey
  • Connections: 
    • Input: F-joiner
    • Output: Coaxial connector
  • Comes with moulded 6cm RF output lead
  • Low power usage
  • Manufactured by PROception (Blakes UK)

USES of Sky Magic Eye

  • Allows the remote operation of a Sky, Sky+ or Sky HD box from another room

HOW a Sky Eye Works

It possible to turn on a 9V output on the RF2 outlet of a Sky box. This power can be used to pass power along with the picture output to a second location. This 9V is used to power the Sky eye which passes signal back to the sky box allowing the box to operated from the second room.

This ability to pass back a signal is normally denoted on distribution equipment as 'having a return path'

ADVANTAGES of Sky Magic Eye

  • Allows the remote operation of the sky box
  • Normally operates very well
  • Very inexpensive option
  • Can be used in conjunction with Link Amplifiers and certain Distrbiution Amplifers to work a number of sky eyes off a single box.


Though sky eyes are very handy, they are also extremely sensitive and prone to stop working for a range of reasons such as cable length being too long, bad connection or a low quality splitter.

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