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Saorview & UK Freeview HD Combo Kit

Freeview HD & Saorview Aerials Combo Kit

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Description of the Saorview & UK Freeview HD Combo Kit

Kit Contains:

  • Aerial 1: Group T White Band UHF Aerial will work on any Saorview transmitter)
  • Aerial 2: Group T White Band UHF Aerial (Will work on any Freeview transmitter)
  • TV Aerial Installation Kit
  • Choice of Diplexers
    • UHF / UHF Diplexer (Triax TFC 5052 [50/52])
    • Fringe 3740 Diplexer (Power Pass on Input #1)
  • A TV Aerial Power Unit
  • A High Gain UHF Masthead Amplifer
  • A Galvanised Mast
  • Option of Mounting Bracket
    • 'Chimney Mounted' (Default option)
      • Chimney Bracket & Lashing Kit
    • Wall Mounted Option
      • 18" wall bracket, Anchor Bolts (qty: 5), U Bolts (qty: 2)

The Uses of the Saorview & UK Freeview HD Kit

  • This is a single kit which contains all the Aerials, Power units, cable and connectors to allow both Saorview & Freeview to be picked and combined.
  • Notes
    • This will mainly work along the East coast and Border areas
    • Check this kit will work in your area before purchasing

What Channels Can I Get?

  • See the List of Channels tab
    • RTE 1, 2 HD, TV3, BBC 1, 2, 3, 4, ITV, Channel 4 .....

Advantages of the Saorview & Freeview HD Channels Combo Kit

  • There is no need for a satellite dish - get everything from a TV Aerial(s)
  • Free UK & Irish Digital TV in one receiver
  • Signal can be split and distributed to multiple rooms
  • Certain channels such as DAVE etc is on Freeview but not Freesat

Disadvantages of the Saorview & Freeview HD Channels Kit

  • It will only work in limited areas of the country
  • Certain areas also face interference caused by both the Saroview and Freeview transmitter broadcasting on the same frequency
  • You will need two TV Aerials
  • Careful inspection of the map (and ideally some local advice) is necessary as unlike with a satellite solution, it is not a one size fits all
  • You must be also careful to order exactly what you need

When placing the order you must....

  • Choose which mounting bracket suits you best
  • Make sure that the 50/52 diplexer suits your local Freeview and Saorview transmitters

Kit does not contain a receiver anymore

Installation Steps

  1. Install the mounting Bracket & Pole in a location which has line of sight for both the Freeview HD & Saorview Transmitters

  2. Set up the Freeview HD System
    • Install the UHF aerial for the UK Freeview HD transmitter along with the UHF Masthead amplifier & Power unit
    • Connect the aerial to the Receiver & tune in the UK Freeview HD Channels
    • Verify you are picking up all the Freeview HD channels
  3. Set up the Saorview System
    • Install the UHF Aerial for the Irish Saorview channels
    • Most likely you will not need to use a power unit & amplifier - but use if necessary
    • Connect the aerial to the Receiver unit & tune in the Irish Saorview Channels (temporarily disconnect the Freeview HD Aerial)
    • Verify you are picking up all the Saorview channels
  4. Combine 2 systems
    • Use e.g. a 35/37 UHF Diplexer to combine the 2 aerials together. Do this AFTER the power units etc.
    • Feed the combined Aerial output into your Receiver
    • Verify you are picking up all the Saorview & Freeview HD channels

Note: Transmitter Frequencies May Have Changed

Saorview and Freeview Transmitters

Saorview & Freeview Transmitter Map

The above map shows all the main Irish Saorview transmitters and also the UK Freeview transmitters which could possibly be picked in regions of Ireland.

Saorview & Freeview Frequencies

Saorview & Freeview Frequencies

The table above gives the primary transmission channels and the channels range used by each of the transmitter featured in the map above.

View Coastal Transmitter Map [Here]

Saorview ChannelsFreeview Channels

Full List of Freeview Channels


Ch #Ch Name    
1BBC One    
2BBC Two    
4Channel 4   
8Channel 4 Wales / TeleG (Scotland)   
11Sky THREE   
13Channel 4 + 1   
15Film 4    
20Channel One   
22Ideal World   
23Bid TV    
25Dave ja vu   
27ITV2 + 1    
31FIVE USA    
32Big Deal    
33ITV1 + 1    
35ITV Preview 1   
36Create and Craft   
37Price-drop TV   
40Rocks & Co   
43Gems TV    
44Sky3 + 1    
50BBC One HD   
51ITV1 HD / STV HD   
52Channel 4 HD   
53S4C HD    
54BBC HD    
70CBBC Channel   
81BBC Parliament   
82Sky News   
85Russia Today   
87Community Channel   
89Al Jazeera Eng   
90TV News    
94Adult Smile TV2   
95Adult Smile TV3   
96Adult Babestn   
97Adult Party   
98Adult Blue   
101Teletext Holidays   
103Gay Rabbit   
1041-2-1 Dating   
105BBC Red Button   
108Sky Text    
191Adult red hot TV   
192Adult Filth   
301 - 303  Interactive Services   
306Channel Zero (Data)   

Note: Freeview Channel Listing provided in good faith and services may be subject to change.

Q: What If I can"t get Freeview in my area?

  •  The best option to get the UK channels on a satellite dish and the Irish Channels on a TV aerial and feed them into a single combo receiver

Q: What if Freeview & Saorview operate on the same frequencies?

  • It is still possible to combine them but you will miss out on the frequencies that clash.
  • Alternatively of course you could just use 2 boxes (or a box and an MPEG4 HD TV)

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