Irish Digital TV & UK Freeview HD Combo Kit

Freeview HD & Saorview Aerials Combo Kit

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Description of the Saorview & UK Freeview HD Combo Kit

Kit Contains:

  • Aerial 1: Group T White Band UHF Aerial will work on any Saorview transmitter)
  • Aerial 2: Group T White Band UHF Aerial (Will work on any Freeview transmitter)
  • TV Aerial Installation Kit
  • Choice of Diplexers
    • UHF / UHF Diplexer (Triax TFC 5052 [50/52])
    • Fringe 3740 Diplexer (Power Pass on Input #1)
  • A TV Aerial Power Unit
  • A High Gain UHF Masthead Amplifer
  • A Galvanised Mast
  • Option of Mounting Bracket
    • 'Chimney Mounted' (Default option)
      • Chimney Bracket & Lashing Kit
    • Wall Mounted Option
      • 18" wall bracket, Anchor Bolts (qty: 5), U Bolts (qty: 2)

The Uses of the Saorview & UK Freeview HD Kit

  • This is a single kit which contains all the Aerials, Power units, cable and connectors to allow both Saorview & Freeview to be picked and combined.
  • Notes
    • This will mainly work along the East coast and Border areas
    • Check this kit will work in your area before purchasing

What Channels Can I Get?

  • See the List of  Channels tab
    • RTE 1, 2 HD, TV3, BBC 1, 2, 3, 4, ITV, Channel 4 .....

Advantages of the Saorview & Freeview HD Channels Combo Kit

  • There is no need for a satellite dish - get everything from a TV Aerial(s)
  • Free UK & Irish Digital TV in one receiver
  • Signal can be split and distributed to multiple rooms
  • Certain channels such as DAVE etc is on Freeview but not Freesat

Disadvantages of the Saorview & Freeview HD Channels Kit

  • It will only work in limited areas of the country
  • Certain areas also face interference caused by both the Saroview and Freeview transmitter broadcasting on the same frequency
  • You will need two TV Aerials
  • Careful inspection of the map (and ideally some local advice) is necessary as unlike with a satellite solution, it is not a one size fits all
  • You must be also careful to order exactly what you need

When placing the order you must....

  • Choose which mounting bracket suits you best
  • Make sure that the 50/52 diplexer suits your local Freeview and Saorview transmitters

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