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Sky Magic Eye Installation Kit



List price: 9.95  

Price: 8.50 (ex VAT)

(10.46 inc VAT) Save: 1.45 (15%)

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DESCRIPTION of Sky Magic Eye Installation Kit

  • Consists of;
    • 20m of Satellite Cable (Black)
    • 7mm Black Cable Clips (x 20)
    • F-Connectors (x 3)
    • F-Joiner (x 1)
    • Coaxial Connector (x 1)
    • Coaxial Joiner (x 1)
  • Does NOT include: Sky Eye (Purchase Seperately)

Uses of Sky Magic Eye Installation Kit

Kit was created to accompany a sky eye so as to contain everything (cable & connectors) needed to complete the installation of a Sky Eye from a Sky Box to a TV in another room. When used in conjunction with a Sky Eye it will allow you change the channels on your Sky Receiver from a second TV.

Multi-room Sky Eye Installs

If customers intend to install Sky Eyes in a number of additional rooms customers should choose either a

  • 2 or 4 way link amplifier (both distributes & amplifies the Sky signal to up to 4 other rooms)

Per Extra TV:

  • Sky Eye (x 1)
  • F Connectors (x 3)
  • F Joiner (x 1)
  • 20m of Satellite Cable (May not be necessary depending on your set up)


  • If your Sky Box or Satellite Receiver does not have a RF out with a 9V signal you will also need to buy a ;
    • Tri-link RF Modulator with a 9V out signal

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