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Shelley 8 Nut Pole Clamp


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DESCRIPTION of Shelley 8 Nut Pole Clamp

  • Material: Galvanised Steel
  • LxWxD: 130x90x70mm
  • Locking Nuts: 13mm nuts
  • Lock Bolt Qty: 8
  • Maximum pole diameter: 54mm

USES of Shelley 8 Nut Pole Clamp

  • For joining 2 poles with a Max of 50mm (2") diameter together
  • For joining 2 poles of different diameters together
  • Normally used where additional height is essential when mounting an aerial to get above some obstacle
  • Can be retrofitted to existing poles

ADVANTAGES of Shelley 8 Nut Pole Clamp

  • Strong and sturdy and easy to store and transport
  • Saves on having to stock and transport long and rarely required poles
  • Very flexible can be used with poles from less than 25mm to up to 50mm
  • Far less expensive than a pole couplers

DISADVANTAGES of Shelley 8 Nut Pole Clamp

  • Not as strong as a Pole Coupler


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