How to Tune in Showcase, Showcase 2, The Active Channel & Information TV

In the past couple of days, there has been a frequency change on certain channels, some of which would be watched by a lot of people in Ireland.  The channel primarily affected by the frequency change is Showcase TV, which has a lot of country music on it.  Other channels affected by this change include showcase 2, the active channel and information TV.   Anyone that wishes to continue watching these channels and owns a generic satellite receiver or combo receiver (whether Saorview approved or not) will need to tune these channels back in manually.

It is not difficult and is a quick process.  The settings you will need as as follows…

  • Frequency:  12607
  • Polarity: V (Vertical)
  • Symbol Rate: 27500

The video below shows how to do this on a Xoro 9000+ Combo Receiver.   The procedure is similar on most boxes and the settings to use will be the same.  If you bought another model of receiver from us over the years, you can look in our video user guides to see the procedure for retuning these channels on your specific make and model.

Of course as usual, owners of official freesat boxes will not have to retune manually as frequency changes are automatically updated on the official freesat platform

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