How to Tune in BBC One Northern Ireland HD on a Free to Air Satellite Receiver

This blog post will show how you can tune in BBC One Northern Ireland HD on your free to air satellite receiver.  BBC One NI has been added to the freesat lineup of channels this week and in turn is available to people with free to air receivers also.

The settings needed for scanning in BBC1 NI on a free to air receiver are as follows…

  • BBC One Northern Ireland HD Frequency & Settings
    • Frequency: 10847
    • Symbol Rate: 23000
    • Polarity: Vertical (V)

Anyone who owns an official freesat receiver should not need to do anything if they set up their freesat box with a Northern Ireland postcode as the receiver should retune itself.  Owners of free to air boxes or combo receivers will need to tune BBC One NI HD in manually.

The video above was made using a Xoro 9000+ combo receiver.  The settings used are universal and should work across all ranges of free to air boxes including combo receivers.

If you own another model of box bought from TV Trade, then please see our video guides section of the website and look for your particular model.  Look for the video for your box that shows how to manually add a satellite channel or manually add a transponder (TP).  Then just use the settings given above and tune in BBC One NI HD.  Once scanned in, the new channel should go to the end of your channel list.  Once there, then all you have to do is sort it into the position you desire using the sort/delete functions on your particular box and again there will be a video guide for your particular box, showing how to do this.

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