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CAT5e Ethernet Cable (305m Roll)

305m CAT5e Ethernet Cable Roll

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  • CAT5e UTP100MHz Ethernet cable
  • Colour: Grey
  • CE, CPR & Eca Approved
  • Pairs: 4 Sets of Twisted Pair
  • Dimensions
    • Outer Cable Diameter: 4.86mm
    • Outer Core Cable Diameter: 0.85mm (Inner 0.47mm)
  • High Quality CAT5 Cable
  • Length: 305m
  • Connector Type:
    • RJ45 8 Pin Connector
    • Used with an RJ45 Crimping Tool

USES of CAT5e Cable

Used in conjunction with RJ45 connectors & a crimping tool for:

  • building Local Area Networks (LANs) for connecting computers, printers etc into a network
  • connecting the ethernet port on a satellite receiver to the internet
  • connecting IP security cameras back to a router

Note see 'Wiring Video' tab for detailed guide

NOTES on Cable & Connectors

  • The RJ stands for 'Registered Jack'
  • The RJ11 comes with 4 pin slots
    • Only the 2 middle pins are needed
    • It is used for dial up internet or voice but not broadband.
    • it is used with telephone cables
  • If the RJ connector has copper pins in all 4 slots
    • it is actually an RJ14 but can be used as if it was an RJ11
  • The other commonly used RJ plug is the RJ45
    • it is used with LAN networks, ethernet ports etc
    • it has 8 pins
    • It is used with CAT5 Cable

Below is documented the correct wiring format for a CAT5 Cable and detailed instruction for making a CAT5 Cable.


Cat5 568-B Type Wiring Diagram

The diagram above is called a CAT5 Type B wiring method which is the one that is almost exclusively used in industry.


Equipment needed

  • Roll of CAT5 Cable
  • RJ45 CRIMPING Tool
  • RJ45 Connectors * 2


  1. Using a crimping tool remove the outer protective sleeve leaving around 25mm of cable exposed
  2. Next untwist each of the pairs of cables
  3. Line up the wires in accordance with the wiring diagram above
  4. Again using the crimping tool cut the cable leaving about 12-15mm of cable exposed.
  5. Push the cables into the RJ45 Plug
  6. Use the crimping tool to crimp the RJ45 Connector on the the cable
  7. Cut the CAT5 cable to the required lenght
  8. Repeat the process to put a connector on the far end


1. 568-A wring

There is an alternate wiring convention for CAT5 cables called 568-A. See diagram below:


Cat5 568-A Type Wiring Diagram

The most common use of this convention would be use a Type A & and a Type B connector to make a cross over cable.

2. Types of CAT5 Cable

  • The most commonly used cat5 cable is UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cable. This is suitable for homes and offices
  • A more expensive option is to use FTP (Foil shielded Twisted Pair) cable
  • Which gives greater interference protection when running next to power cables


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Spec Sheet (cat5-spec-sheet.pdf, 717 Kb) [Download]

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