Labgear 2 Way TV Link Amplifier

Labgear™ 2 Way TV Link Amplifier


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DESCRIPTION of Labgear 2 Way TV Link Amplifier

  • 2 Way Compact Link Amplifier with Bypass
  • Inputs: 1
  • Ouptputs 2
  • Connection: F-type
  • Gain: 10dB on each leg
  • Range: 470-862MHz
  • Return path: Yes
  • Return gain: 10dB
  • Powered by either RF2 output or power adaptor
  • Manufacturer: Labgear
  • Colour: White
  • Terrestrial and Digital Compatible
  • Can be powered by RF2 output on a Sky box
  • Has input for 12V external power source

USES of Labgear 2 Way TV Link Amplifier

  • Allows up to 2 TVs with sky eyes to operate off a single sky box
  • Can be used as an amplified 2 way splitter

HOW a Link Amplifier Works

  • It takes a 9V power output from either
    • the RF2 output from the sky box
    • or an external power adaptor
  • It amplifies the signal strength of the sky box output (10dB gain)
  • Allows the return signal from the sky eye to pass back to the sky box
  • It can operate up to 2 sky eyes

ADVANTAGES of Labgear 2 Way TV Link Amplifier

  • In conjuction with a sky eye it allows the remote operation of the sky box - from up to 2 locations
  • Normally operates very well
  • While splitting the signal it also amplifies it
  • Cheaper than Distrbiution Amplifers
  • It is neat and compact and does not need to be plugged in

DISADVANTAGES of Labgear 2 Way TV Link Amplifier

  • They do not give the same dB gain as Distrbiution Amplifers - an issue with long cable runs or where cable / joins are of poor quality
  • If you want to feed output to more than 4 rooms it is best to power the link amplifier with an external power source - and a Distrbiution Amplifers would be both cheaper and better in such circumstances
  • Used in conjunction with sky eyes which while being very handy they are also extremely sensitive and prone to stop working for a range of reasons such as cable length being too long, bad connection, low quality splitter

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