How to Make an RJ11 Telephone Cable

Below is documented the wiring procedure for making a telephone lead to connect a telephone to an RJ11 phone outlet plate.

Equipment needed


  1. Using an RJ11 crimping tool, remove the outer protective sleeve leaving around 25mm of cable exposed
  2. Fold over or cut off the extra e.g. the white/orange & white/blue cables
  3. Straighten out cables into the required order - the convention is to use the 2 Blue/Orange wires for pin 2 & 3
  4. Again use the crimping tool to cut off the sleeve of the core wires to leave about 12mm exposed
  5. Push the cables into the 2 central RJ11 slots (will have copper pins)
  6. Use the crimping tool to crimp the connector onto the cable
  7. Repeat the same process for the other end of the cable.

NOTES on Telephone Cable & Connectors

  • The RJ stands for 'Registered Jack'
  • The RJ11 comes with 4 pin slots
    • Only the 2 middle pins are needed
    • It is used for dial up internet or voice but not local area networks
    • it is used with telephone cables
  • If the RJ connector has copper pins in all 4 slots
    • it is actually an RJ14 but can be used as if it was an RJ11
  • The other commonly used RJ plug is the RJ45
    • it is used with LAN networks, Satellite receiver ethernet ports etc
    • it has 8 pins
    • it is used with CAT5/CAT6 cables

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