How to Connect 2 Sky Multi Room Boxes to Your Phoneline Using Wireless Phone Senders

Greg asked;

I need to connect a phone line to 2 Sky multi-room boxes but have no extension lines close by. Would the wireless phone extender work and what do I need?

Our answer;

we have the ideal product for you - they are easy to install and work extremely. Sky really seem to have cracked down on the phone lines issue over the past 6 months or so (they charge each box on a standalone rate rather than a multi-room rate - the fine print in the contract allows for this). It is very frustrating when you do not have a phone connection to close to where you need want to put the box and the alternative of running phone cables all over the house is not so attractive.

As you have 2 sky boxes to connect you will need to buy:

A great feature of the RTX phone unit is that a single base unit can support up to 4 extension units. The base & extender unit pack come pre-paired i.e. it is just plug and play. It only takes a minute of or so to pair the extra unit. All the cable etc that you need will come in the box. Just look at the videos on the 'User's Manual' page to get a full overview on how to install.

The only possible additional purchase you may need to make it to buy a RJ11 double adaptor so you can plug your phone & base unit in the hall together:

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