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High Gain UHF Masthead Amplifier

High Gain UHF Masthead Amplifier (27dB)

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DESCRIPTION of a High Gain UHF Masthead Amplifier

  • Proception UHF High Gain Masthead Amplifier
  • Gain: 27dB
  • Signal range: 470-862 MHz
  • DC requirement: 12V
  • Inputs: 1
  • Ouputs: 1
  • Power in: 230 V, 50 Hz, 3W
  • For use: Indoor / Outdoor
  • Connection type: F Connectors
  • Manufacturer: PROception
  • Part #: proMHD11H
  • Digital Compatible: Yes
  • Analogue Compatible: Yes
  • Singal insertion loss: < 0.5dB

Note: always used as a set in conjunction with a Power Unit

USES of a High Gain UHF Masthead Amplifier

This unit is used in conjunction with a Power Unit and a UHF TV Aerial to

  • Boost TV signal in poor reception areas - which might be caused by:
    • Long distance from the transmitter
    • Interference caused by an obstruction e.g. (hill)
    • A low gain TV Aerial is being used

The filter screens inputs of <470 MHz to prevent interference from CB, private mobile radio, Tetra etc

ADVANTAGES of High Gain UHF Masthead Amplifier

  • Can achieve a 27dB gain which can transform a hazy picture into a clear picture.
  • The fact it is screened means it can boost the signal without dragging in excess interference - from CB, private mobile radio, Tetra etc
  • Reliable robust unit
  • Low cost unit
  • Can be used with Power passing splitters to feed a number of rooms
  • Generally more effective than a using a distribution system at improving signal quality
  • Can be used in conjunction with a power passing splitter to feed TV signal to several TVs

DISADVANTAGES of UHF Masthead Amplifier

  • Can only handle UHF signal - not VHF
  • High gain can be a problem if there is a lot of background interference - as the gain is not adjustable (sometimes the medium gain is better)
  • If used incorrectly or if there is a large amount of background interference, a power unit and a masthead amplifer can actually make matters worse - particularly in a strong reception area

Summary: A power unit and UHF masthead amplifier are used to pass a 12v signal directly to a UHF aerial. The amplified aerial is capable of 'pulling' in far more signal than a simple un-powered TV aerial. There are various types of power units and UHF masthead amplifiers but they all work in basically the same way ie. a single wire from the power unit feeds the masthead amplifier, which feeds the UHF TV aerial. For the purpose of this example, it is assumed the UHF aerial is to be mounted on a pole outdoors and the power unit is to be mounted in the main TV room.

Tools Needed

  • Snips
  • Screwdriver

Equipment needed

  • Power unit (qty: 1)
  • UHF aerial (qty: 1)
  • VHF aerial (qty: 1)
  • VHF/UHF masthead amplifier (qty: 1)
  • 'F'-Connector (qty: 2-10)
  • Satellite cable

Step 1 - Assemble the VHF/UHF Masthead Amplifier

  1. Take an assembled UHF and an assembled VHF aerial
  2. Cut the satellite cable coming from each aerial so that it is longer than needed. Estimate enough to allow the aerials to be mounted on a pole without the aerials touching each other. Estimated length is 1.2-1.5m long. Note: Mounting the amplifier any closer to the aerial can cause interference problems
  3. Pear down the end of each of the aerial cables and the output cable
  4. Put an 'F' type connector on the 2 aerial cables and the output cable
  5. Click open the cover on the VHF/UHF masthead amplifier
  6. Use the f-connectors to screw the UHF and VHF cables to the 'UHF' and 'BIII' inputs on the base of the amplifier.
  7. Similarly connect the output cable to the 'OUT/SORTIE' port
  8. A flat head screwdriver can be used at a later stage to adjust the gain on both the VHF and UHF legs.
  9. Leave the output cable long enough to reach the RG6 cables that are feeding the power unit and the various TV points in the house

Step 2 - Connect the Power Unit

Step 3 - Connect the Power Unit and Masthead amplifier

  1. In the attic put an f-type connector on the cable from the power unit and from the Masthead amplifier
  2. Join the cables with an F-type Joiner
  3. If the aerial is to be run to several rooms install a power passing splitter in the attic
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Exactly as ordered
used this with a power unit on a grid aerial I bought from freetv some time back, worked well. very pleased. Pat, Longford
Have used this product in areas of Rathangan where i could only get Cairn Hill and it has made some difference. Super product

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