Free Movies - What Movie Channels are Available on Free to Air

We are often asked about if there are any dedicated channels on Free to Air that show free movies. While there are several channels that do show movies, they will not be that latest blockbuster movies that you might find in the cinema. Even Sky movies have to wait their turn for these! What you will get is a good selection of different genres, ranging from true stories, romance, action, horror and some blockbusters that are a couple of years old.

If you think like it takes a few years for say RTE or BBC etc to get certain films, then it's similar from a Free to Air perspective as well.

The best channel for free movies is in my humble opinion Film 4. Film 4 is part of the Channel 4 family of free channels. It offers a host of high quality free movies ranging from the blockbuster to quirky independent films.

The best way to think of Film 4 is the slogan 'Oldies but Goodies', that's the way I see it anyway. Film 4 offers a +1 catch up service too which is very handy.

There are a range of other dedicated free movie channels also specialising in particular genres. A fill list of the free movie channels can be seen below.

  • Film4
  • Film4 +1
  • True Movies
  • True Movies 2
  • Movies4Men
  • Movies4Men +1
  • Movies4Men2
  • Movies4Men2 +1
  • Zone Horror
  • Zone Horror +1
  • Film 24