Can I use my old Sky Box for Free to Air TV

Jeremy asks;

Can I use my old Sky Box for Free to Air TV?

Our answer;

You can of course use your sky box to receive free to air TV channels if you so decide. The most common instances of this is where your yearly subscription is due and you decide that I want to cancel sky tv. So if you're fed up paying a monthly fee and want to move to free to air TV read below for how you can do this.

First things first, here's how to cancel your sky subscription if you so decide.

The next thing you want to do if you have cancelled sky )once outside your first years contract you will be allowed to keep the equipment) is have a look at our tech page on the subject. It can be found below.

Using a Sky Box for Free to Air TV

There is a helpful video on the subject there and should answer all your questions on moving from sky to free to air using the sky box itself.

Another option however that you might consider is utilising your existing sky equipment and with a small investment, you could get both the Irish channels and the UK channels all in one system.

Check out our Cancelling Sky Upgrade Kit

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