Can I get the RTE Irish Channels on Sky in the UK

Kevin asks;

My sister lives in Scotland and was wondering if there was someway to manually tune in RTE on to here Scottish Sky boxes? We receive RTE on Northern Irish sky, and the topic came up when we were talking about people in England being able to manually tune in UTV to their sky box.

Our answer;

no this will not be possible as:

Can I get Irish Channels in UK?

  • Sky UK do not have the rights to broadcast the Irish channels outside of Ireland
  • None of the Irish channels are on the usual free to air satellites
  • Note; some Irish channels available on Saorsat but footprint would not really cover UK

OPTIONS to get Irish channels in the UK

    • if you live along the West coast of England of Wales then you could possibly buy and use an Irish Saorview kit (or combo kit with Freeview)
    • Irish only kit
    • Irish & UK
    • Note this will only work in very limited areas of the UK and of course in most of the North of Ireland
    • just sign up for sky subscription in Ireland.
    • Lads to do this all the time. May be breaking one of 2 rules here but I do not think anyone seems to care to much

In the Future

  • Saorsat - will broadcast Irish channels for free via satellite and may have some over-spill into the UK - should happen this year (if RTE can find the money)
    • you will need a second dish
  • Real Digital - may start up (if they can find the money) and you will get a card which will give you the Irish channels for free
    • again will need to have an address in Ireland
    • your existing sky dish will do - may never happen - I just do not know on this particular one.