Walker WP645TS-HD – How to Install Firmware V3.8 (SatFree) from USB Drive

The firmware version 3.8 for the Walker WP645TS-HD is now available for download.  It had previously only been available as an over the air update.  The video below shows how to install this new firmware using a USB memory stick.  Once installed, you will have access to a new mode called SatFree, which will enable you to receive a 7 Day EPG on the UK satellite channels.

  • NOTE: SatFree upgrade is done at users own risk and is not covered by warranty
  • Download the firmware from [Walker Wp645TS-HD Saorview Combo] (Under the downloads tab)
  • Unzip it & copy it onto a blank USB drive (File is called force_upgrade.bin)
  • With the receiver turned on and the TV picture displayed
  • Plug the USB drive into the USB port on the front of receiver
  • The process should start automatically after a few moments
  • At the end of the process, it will ask you to remove the USB drive
  • Remove the USB drive and press ok to reboot (It may reboot automatically once drive is removed)
  • The box will reboot and come back to normal TV viewing
  • You now have version 3.8 of the firmware which will enable SatFree mode
  • Your channel list should not be affected
  • See below for how to scan in the SatFree channels and a demo of it in action

How to Tune in SatFree Channels on the Walker WP645TS-HD

The tuning in process is easy enough with the exception of one stage where you have to reset the ‘Antenna mode’ which basically means that you just have to tell the box how you are connected to the satellite dish. It is all explained in the video above.

Preview of the 7 Day EPG on UK Satellite Channels in SatFree Mode

The video above shows the new 7 Day EPG on the UK Satellite TV Channels in action. This marks a huge leap forward in specification for Saorview Combos and is a long awaited feature. Check it out for yourself in the video above.

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