Walker WP13DTB-R Saorview Box
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Walker™ WP13DTB-R Saorview Box


CODE: Z_Wlkr-Saorview

List price: 68.00  

Price: 52.95 (ex VAT)

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Description of Walker WP13DTB-R Saorview Box

  • What's included
    • Walker WP13DTB-R Saorview Box
    • Remote Control & Set of AAA Batteries
    • HDMI Cable
    • User Manual
  • Inputs (Front of Box):
    • Power / Standby Indicator LED
  • Inputs (Back of Box):
    • Aerial IN
    • Aerial OUT:
    • USB Port
    • Optical Audio Out
    • HDMI Output
    • TV Scart
  • Features
    • PVR Functions Via USB (External Hard Drive)
    • Favourite Channel List
    • Standby Power Consumption <1W
    • Free to View HD Digital Terrestrial TV
    • 780p / 1080i Resolutions
    • Digital Radio Channels
    • Automatic Channel Search
    • HDMI Output
    • Scart Output
    • Connects to Existing UHF Aerial & TV
    • Full Digital Teletext
    • 7 Day EPG
    • Reminder Setting from EPG
    • English On-Screen Display
    • Multi Language Audio Support
    • Subtitles
    • Integrated Media Player (Note: Does Not Play Xvid/MP3 AVIs)

Advantages of the Walker WP13DTB-R Saorview Box

  • The WP13DTB-R is Saorview approved
  • Can get all the new digital Saorview TV & radio channels
  • Is HD & Mpeg4 compatible
  • Has an Mheg5 engine (You can receive digital teletext)
  • PVR Features (Recording & Playback via External Hard Drive)
  • Built in Media Player
  • Less expensive than other official Saorview boxes

Disadvantages of the Walker WP13DTB-R Saorview Box

  • More expensive than the generic Irish digital TV receivers
  • Media Player is limited compared to other boxes
  • It is a single tuner Saorview box, which means that you cannot record one channel and watch another

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