Do not answer/reply to calls from +38681897022 – Could cost you 150 euro

It’s a little outside our usual posts here on but we feel it is important to get the message out there. There is a Slovenian gang targetting Irish mobile phone users currently and I myself have been targetted too over the weekend. Basically you’ll get a call from an number you don’t know but be very careful. Make sure to check the number on your screen before you answer it. Most people will actually get a missed call from this number as the scammers just ring the number for a second and hope that their number is close enough looking to Irish mobile numbers, so that people without thinking will ring back.  It seems that they tend to do this later in the evening or night time so that people will pehaps not concentration fully and just ring it back without thinking.   I had fortunately heard of this scam already a few days prior and wasn’t caught out but others may not have been so fortunate.

The main number being used for this scam is +38681897022

Be aware of this. Let your friends know about this. We know from our web statistics that an awful lot of folks follow our blog, so we just thought it would be a good way to get the message out there.

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